Descent Into Light


  • We successfully completed our first task for Mamban.
  • We were assigned our second task; A “criminal of the people” has been stealing (most recently a priceless painting) and giving the items to misc. logging villages throughout Hallas. Catch the thief and either turn him/her over to the authorities or…(dispose of him/her). We were given deputized shields/symbols that must be worn when conducting official business. They must be renewed after 7 days.
  • A symbol of a star is carved into flesh or property at the crime scenes. We followed these and discovered multiple necklaces made from “passage coins” from Katapesh hanging from trees. These are rare.
  • Endarion has a new body, Varien (sp?), one of the “bandits”.
    *We tracked the “bandits” to a large gathering and overheard a leader telling the masses that they were working/stealing to fund the stopping of the distribution of the poison via the Goodwin Clinics.
    *Poe knows the leader who was speaking to the masses.


downrightamazed enekich

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