Descent Into Light


We traveled back to the nameless lake near the fortress of Anivu (sp?) and we were able to gather the following intelligence by speaking with Sgt. Ferath (sp?) and via investigation.

1.) The lake has never thawed and the “eye” is centuries old.
2.) Other than a Remorhaz, the only other know enemies in the region are undead.
3.) Unrisen can be prevented from reanimating with the use of traditional (non-magical) fire.
4.) There have been a series of supernaturally intense blizzards in the region lately along with sporadic lights.
5.) Totem Data: There seem to be a large number of the undead wards. There are 4 of the “lake markers”, respective to direction (i.e. North, South , East, West) and 2 stones, purposes were a question mark.
6.) 2 Questionable Stones: One appeared to be a work in progress. When Horace attempted to detect magic, he fainted and was presented with a vision of Azathoth, a Great Old One. This rock contained incomplete arcane writing and a skewed pentagram we would soon learn to associate with Azathoth. The 2nd stone seemed finished. It had the same pentagram and the completed arcane writing seemed to be some sort of a dimensional gate spell. There was a depression of a human hand in the stone, Morigun placed his hand in the depression and was also presented with the vision of Azathoth. These stones appear to be portals for which magic to pass thru rather than being magical or having magical purpose themselves.
7.) “Lake Marker Stone”: We were able to destroy one stone, although it was quickly replaced by a large Golem. Upon its destruction, coinciding symbols near the shore of the frozen lake also disappeared. We were able to determine that Anivu (sp?) did not set up these anti-scrying magics, they seem to be beyond even her capability. Gaxx calculated the stones are separate from their power source, and that the source of empowerment was below ground.

All findings were reported to Sgt. Ferath (sp?).

With intelligence from Sgt. Ferath (sp?) we entered a cave complex we thought may contain the power source. We found a large nerve, giving us the impression that we may actually be “inside something”. We battled some powerful undead forces and eventually came to a finished area.

Finished Area: The same pentagram of Azathoth appeared on the floor tiles in this area. We placed an infernal shard in a portable hole. Prior to placing it in the hole, Morigun touched it and it froze his arm.

There was a treasure room and armory containing a good amount of magic items, we let them be for now. We will revisit this area once we are done exploring the complex or dying (whichever comes first).

We discovered a room which we believe to be the power source and opted to continue exploring before possibly destroying the source/room.

We stumbled upon and seemingly awoke a resting Anivu (sp?), large clockwork creature came to life.


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