Descent Into Light


This strange land of barren rock and misty moors is peopled only by strangely taciturn elves, elves that have earned a reputation as skilled arms dealers and ruthless mercenaries.


It’s unclear why the Enhathladi are so different from their fey brethren, but all other species find them to be unpleasant and off-putting. No one knows the exact size of the population of Enhathlad, but it’s generally thought to be quite small, though this conjecture is supported only by observation from the air and anecdotal evidence and should be taken with a grain of salt.


The land itself, while ostensibly normal, is every bit as bitter and morose as those that dwell there; mucky moors give way to algae-choked lakes, which give way to brambly wealds that butt up against steep, slippery hills at the base of jagged and toothy mountains. Food and potable water are alike very difficult to procure.


The Enhathladi do not patrol their borders, but entry to their land is still difficult due to the dangerous mountains surrounding them on all sides, and the fact that they share borders with many of the most hostile or inhospitable regions in all the Land. Once inside Enhathlad, the determined adventurer will find that it is possible to get assistance from the natives, and even engage in trade with them, but these come only at the expense of much diplomatic effort.


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