Descent Into Light

Campaign Notes 7/1/17

  • Early in the session we learned that someone has been abducting/enslaving albino children.
  • Accomplished (painfully) our 2nd task that was assigned by Mamban.
  • Our 3rd (Final) task was assigned by a Sarenite and includes the following;
  • Tharax Stoneclobber (sp?), a Dwarven ruler of “OHM-skove” (sp?) (the city that exists under a false city that we have visited prior) has reported his Ranger scouts are witnessing strange activity on a beach near an old abandoned castle on the west coast (west of the White Cliffs). It appears that white haired humans in white flowing robes are trading Tartarian Ice and albino children with a massive nautilus (or something that simply looks like a nautilus). We are to investigate and end any potential alliance between deep ones and humans.
  • After discussing with Alexander of Stormfare we visited the wharf district to try and learn more information from Merfolk (specifically followers of Gozreh) and/or Kuthites. We were looking for more information involving the correlation of Tartarian Ice and albinos. We learned that the nautilus is more than likely actually a quallgorn (sp?), possibly tricking the human(s). They could be associated with outer gods.
  • We paid the information brokers and they stated no correlation between the quallgorn (sp?) deep ones, Tartarian Ice and albinos. This was pretty open-ended though…
  • We returned the Bah-donk-a-donk-HEY! to Mamban.


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