Descent Into Light


  • Horace is in charge of his clinics again
  • Torvin requested a meeting with us at the Sallaq. We learned; that Set and The Lord of Mohrgs don’t like each other. They are each trying to gain the advantage on the other. Set has already taken over Sehkmet and ultimately wants to replace Pharasma. L.O.M. wants it all. He will begin by forging a great weapon out of the “alien metal” in Fairlights machine and using it to destroy Iomodae. Fairlights machine can use “crystal poops” or dawnflowers as an energy source. The poison run through the Goodwin clinics was designed to provide Set with power from the slowly deceased.
  • We informed both the church of Iomodae and Pharasma in Izmir on all of this.
  • Starspurn (who?) teleported us to the reality warping engine. 3 strange creatures lay dead near it along with an empty camp. The creatures were called (phonetically) Lay-Three-Ins.
  • The machine had a large chunk ripped from it.
  • The largest tent contained a pile of a weird purple fiber/carpet/covering/moss. Looks like it was derived from a pile of corpses. We would later learn that this moss only grows in the southern, dwarven lands and actually has strong medicinal purposes along with its ability to block magic.
  • The purple carpet covered a strange metal layer we would later learn to be qualgorn (sp?) alloy. An ancient alloy typically transported in Spirit Bay. We learned this from trace elements found on gloves that belonged to a humanoid found near the site of the murder/machine. This also linked an unbound to the scene. below this metal layer was a world with strange fauna and flora, we were looking down on a jungle canopy.
  • Speaking with one of the deceased Lay-Three-Ins we learned about The Heart of Time, The first 3 inevitables created by Aevum (a mysterion). They were purposed to deal with enforce the laws of chronomancy on a smaller scale while Aevum handled the larger scale items.


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